Pollux Vibration Sensor

The wireless Pollux Vibration Sensor is a standard sensor from the Pollux family of DELTA Systems and was developed for use on machines and devices in industrial environments. With the help of the sensor, vibrations from machines, bearings and processes can be recorded and wirelessly transmitted to a Pollux Edge or machine interface for analysis. In these interfaces, the recorded vibration data can be analyzed using machine learning and used with corresponding signals from a machine and for notification with maintenance instructions.

Vibration monitoring in a production plant

Most people know the most typical case for the use of this sensor: before an error occurs in the machine, you hear that something is wrong. Our Pollux Vibration Sensors can detect such alterations long before there is a noticeable change in the machine. With early detection and automatic notification, damage can be repaired before potential consequential damage and/or production downtime occurs.

Addiotinally, the magnetic field sensor enables the detection of typical electrical motor damage, such as short circuits of windings and connection or control errors, in addition to the mechanical errors (bearings, gears, etc.) that are detected with the vibration sensor. The integrated operating hours counter not only allows you to record the actual "production time" of your machine, but can also be integrated into process optimization. Different activity levels can also be grouped so that, for example, setup times and machining times can be recorded separately.

Protection classIP67, oil resistant, acid resistant, shock resistant
Range+/- 2g up to +/- 250g, triaxial
Accuracy0,5% with temperature compensation
Resolution16 bit, 10 kHz sampling rate
Power supplyLithium Battery CR123A
Operating time2 years at 3x10 sec measurments/day

Data Sheet Pollux Vibration Sensor