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SMS Meer

Wireless pressure sensor network (Pollux sensors) for monitoring cold mill clamping pressure during heavy beam production with S7 integration and dedicated HMI (Human Machine Interface).

MPA NRW, Saint Gobain Sekurit, Federal Highway Research Institute

Development of the wireless dummy head system for ECE 43 / DIN 52310, first with infrared and later with Bluetooth interface. The interface software was highly optimized for fast measurement cycles with minimal user effort, integrated HIC calculation and evaluation, as well as automatic measurement protocol generation and backup function.

RWE Logo

RWE Power

Wireless sensor network (Pollux measuring system) for mobile use in open pit mining. Measurement, real-time display and monitoring as well as automatic documentation of the lifting or lowering process of bucket wheel excavator top frames and other heavy machinery. Simultaneous measurement and transmission of measured values from more than 50 autonomous sensors in real time.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg - Feldman & Weynand

Development of measurement electronics for checking and monitoring the acoustic decoupling of the concert hall from the enclosing structure.
Battery life extension to an expected life of over 10 years.

Rege, Mitsubishi Paper Mills, Proferro, Weatherford, ...

Pollux wireless sensors for operation in industrial production plants. Clamping pressure monitoring, weight sensors, temperature, vibration, strain ... various applications.
All with connection to industrial automation systems through Profibus, 4-20mA, and digital I/O.


Project partner of DELTA Systems in the field of cloud applications

ubirch, Calliope und Trackle - Entwicklung

Hardware development, software development and firmware development

ubirch - backend for your IoT devices

Calliope mini - A single-board development board with the mission of giving every schoolchild in Germany from 3rd grade onwards playful access to the digital world.

Trackle - a temperature sensor that helps women determine their fertile days.

Medizintechnik Heise & Curatec Services - Medizinproduktentwicklung

Development of medical devices and software for combined biofeedback and TENS application for incontinence and pain therapy
Integration of a graphical jump and run game to increase therapy success in children
Full certification according to CE, MPG, EN 60601 and following.

ABS Trenchless, Bauer, Klemm Bohrtechnik, Malmendier Spezialtiefbau, ...

Special electronics for civil engineering
Measurement systems and actuators for tunneling systems. Drill head control and measurement systems for automated pipe navigation or drill head control underground
Simultaneous automatic documentation to meet international specifications.
Extremely robust and redundant designs including the development and use of special solutions with Powerline, RS485, IP67+, radio (Pollux System), 24V actuators, hydraulic control, pressure monitoring, strain measurement, laser sensor technology, air pressure technology, optical control systems, etc.

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