The data from our Pollux system can be integrated into your existing system via various interfaces. If you wish, our data can be visualized not only in the cloud but also via a specially developed software. With Metimur (Latin: "measure") and DeepField we offer two different solutions. Metimur collects and organizes the available sensor data and runs in the background in many applications, while visualization is also possible. DeepField offers complex evaluation options such as filters, historical analysis, thresholds for warnings or, depending on customer requirements, the possibility for machine learning. Which software is the right one for your use case can be clarified together in a personal consultation.


A vast amount of data is generated during operation, whether it is already existing machine parameters or additional process data generated by our wireless sensors. In order for this data to become usable information and for well-founded decisions to be made, it must be made available and visible. Metimur was developed for this purpose. Metimur lists the sensors available in the network and reads out the existing data. The data is then visualized in an easy-to-read graphical interface. The data visualization is optional, since the further use of the data, e.g. for controlling and regulating processes, can also be done by Metimur in the background on an IPC, in the cloud or other interfaces.

The graphical interface is designed to allow gloved operation on an industrial control panel or tablet. Thus, not only the live data can be tracked, but also historical data can be loaded and exported via the database.

Graphical interface of Metimur with a Pollux accelerometer


In December 1995, the Hubble Space Telescope imaged a seemingly empty spot in the firmament with the maximum resolution at that time - billions of galaxies became visible and enabled the exploration of the early universe. The name of the software is based on this milestone of research, because similar to the Hubble Space Telescope, a deeper insight into the sensor data is possible.

DeepField offers extensive settings that allow you to see and understand your process in detail. The data from the Pollux sensors can be listed and visualized, analogous to Metimur. In addition, however, DeepField learns from observing historical data what the normal state of the process is and can independently define limits. When an error occurs, a warning is issued based on these limits and a selected tolerance. This can be either confirmed or rejected by an expert, in both cases DeepField learns and corrects the limits. Thus, after a learning phase, a robust system is created that reflects actual operation and correctly detects errors.


All of our devices can be wirelessly and remotely configured and provided with firmware and software updates, allowing for years of support and long trouble-free use of our systems. We will guide you from configuration, installation, commissioning and during operation to ensure you get a system that is right for your business.

Graphical user interface of DeepField with data from a gyroscope