Medical Technology

Digitalization and IoT enable innovative possibilities in the healthcare sector to make therapies more effective and at the same time more cost-efficient. DELTA Systems has more than 20 years of experience, both in medical device development and in the industrial IoT field. During this time, we have developed, certified and produced various Class I, IIa and IIb devices. Our specialty here, as in our industrial field, is sensor technology, data acquisition and analysis. EMG, TENS, ECG, skin conductance, pulse, blood oxygen content and temperature measurement are areas in which we have contributed significantly to the technological progress of medical devices.

In the following paragraph you will find examples from our medical device development.



INCOTwin - Combined EMG/Biofeedback TENS/Electrostimulation for effective improvement of bladder and bowel closure mechanisms in incontinence.


NEUROTwin - EMG-triggered electrostimulation device for regeneration of incompletely denervated muscles after stroke, craniocerebral trauma, etc.

These devices are based on and the same hardware platform with different therapies for different applications. Innovative features of these devices include large displays that are easy to read for the elderly, voice guidance through therapy with dynamic instruction as well as success feedback and an integrated game to guide children through therapy in a fun way. This device has redefined the standard of therapies in this area.

For further information, please visit the website of our partner Curatec Services GmbH.


Originally developed for determining the emotional response of an audience of a TV show, the Pollux EMOTION wristband is so much more. By recording medically relevant variables such as pulse, temperature, blood oxygen, EMG and more, it is feasible to monitor vital functions of hospitalized people. The wristband can be easily cleaned, disinfected and recharged via a station. Depending on the configuration, the battery lasts several months in combination with our energy-saving Pollux radio system.

Data Sheet Pollux EMOTION

Some highlights from our development

KM – First biofeedback device for home therapy

K2P – Further development KM

Biofeedback 8000 – Low cost multi-channel medical device for diagnosis of ECG, EMG, temperature and other measured variables in medical practices

IncoMove / PainMove – EMG biofeedback device with PC interface for documentation of therapy success

ApoCheck – Determination of purity of substances in the pharmacy environment by exact melting point determination