Pollux Pressure Sensor

Drahtloser Pollux Drucksensor

The wireless Pollux pressure sensors are a standard product that DELTA Systems has continued to optimise over the years, resulting in improved operation for customers in various sectors. It can be connected to any measurment point via the standardised G1/4 thread. As a member of the Pollux family, the pressure sensor is compatible with the Pollux system and can be easily configured and integrated.

Clamping pressure monitoring during machining

Engine blocks are clamped hydraulically during mechanical working. If the clamping device loses pressure during the process, the engine block will move at some point. The result is, in the best case, an engine block that has to be disposed of as reject and, in the worst case, the machine or the clamping device is also damaged.

Because the motor block is rotated several times during cutting in the machine, the use of cables is not possible in this case. With the help of the wireless Pollux Pressure Sensors, the pressure can be monitored. In addition, it is possible to detect a drop in pressure even before processing, i.e. during setup, and to prevent cutting or at least stop it before the necessary contact pressure becomes too low.

By using our Pollux Pressure Sensors, the number of rejects was reduced to almost zero. Accordingly, the investment paid for itself for this customer within a few weeks and at the latest after just a few prevented rejects.

Protection classIP67, oil resistant, acid resistant, shock resistant
Operating temperature-15°C to + 80°C
Rangeselectable from 0 - 1000 bar
Accuracy0,5% with temperature compensation
Resolution12bit, 10 kHz sampling rate
Power supplyLithium Battery CR-P2
Operating time > 5 Jahre, abhängig von Messintervall

Data Sheet Pollux Pressure Sensor