Dummy head according to DIN 52310 / ECE 43

Based on a common electronics and software foundation, we have replaced various wired dummy head systems for vehicle occupants and pedestrians with our wireless solution. The data is recorded in high resolution and downloaded to the computer within a few seconds after the test.

Using the specially developed VISAM software, the data is analyzed and the test result is displayed with the curve sections and key figures relevant to the result.

The system and the workflows were developed and optimized in years of collaboration with the Materialprüfungsamt NRW (MPA-NRW). With the help of these optimizations and the completely wireless operation, the testing frequency was increased and operating errors could be eliminated.

The end result is a significant reduction in testing costs with a simultaneous increase in testing accuracy.


The measured acceleration is filtered and the key figures relevant to the test are calculated automatically. Multiple measurements can be displayed and easily compared.

Test reports can be printed directly with meta data or saved as PDFs. All tests are also automatically saved to prevent accidental deletion. Old tests can therefore be restored at any time based on date and time.

Further details can be found in the data sheet or on request.

Dummy head in action

Impact energy is not absorbed and leads to fatal bounce-off
Absorption of the impact energy into the glass pane

The video above clearly shows how important impact energy absorption is for the safety of adults and children in car windscreens. But high impact energies can also occur in other everyday situations during a fall. This is the case, for example, on playgrounds, which is why, according to the rules and regulations of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), playground operators must ensure that the safety of the playground equipment is guaranteed at all times. Thus, regular maintenance and inspection of playgrounds, play equipment and playground floors according to DIN EN 1176 or ISO/DIS 24667 is essential. With the Pollux phantom probe, a simple and quick inspection is easily possible indoors and outdoors. All that is needed is a test head, a tablet and the VISAM software.

Data Sheet Dummy Head